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Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free

Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free là game trên điện thoại di động được rất nhiều người ưa thích, Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free được WapGameS40.Blogspot.Com cung cấp hoàn toàn miễn phí, Bên dưới đây là nội dung của Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free.

Giới thiệu về: AccuWeather for Android

AccuWeather for Android, your source for accurate and localized weather.

AccuWeather for Android has all of the accurate and localized weather information and interactive features that you need! With AccuWeather for Android, you can plan your day and make personal or future plans with confidence knowing that you will be safeguarded from weather interruptions. This full-featured app not only has hourly forecasts updated every hour, interactive Google Maps™, and severe weather notices, but it also has weather in 23 languages, customizable color themes, and social media sharing! Download AccuWeather for Android, at no cost to you, and start accessing your reliable and detailed weather news and information today.
Weather Information:
• Accurate and localized forecasts for locations worldwide. Updated every hour, forecasts include the most detailed hourly forecasts for the next twenty-four hours, plus day and night weather forecasts and information for the next fifteen days – all in 23 different languages.
• Weather Alarms™, for locations worldwide, for weather events including, snow, ice, rain, wind speed/gusts, and probability of thunderstorms.
• Current weather conditions data is updated every 15 minutes and includes humidity percentages, visibility, UV index, wind speed gusts and direction, times for sunrise and sunset, and RealFeel® – AccuWeather’s proprietary weather forecasting system that takes into account multiple weather conditions to determine how the localized temperature actually feels, which may be warmer or colder than the temperature depending on these conditions.
• Day and night forecasts include high and low temperatures, Weather Alarms™, precipitation type and amount, wind speed and gusts, and RealFeel®.
• Weather display of North American radar and worldwide satellite overlaying interactive Google Maps™.
• Current news and broadcast-quality weather videos with many available in both English and Spanish.
Additional Features:
• Sharing function where a user can share the current, hourly, 15-day forecast, or forecast detail view using the social media applications they have installed on their phone. The share option is part of the Android menu.
• In-phone status bar on home screen displays the current temperature for user’s current or home location. This is customizable by the user in the “Settings” menu under “Notifications”.
• Stores unlimited amount of locations along with up to 10 favorite locations. Favorites show current temperature along with a short description. From the “Locations” menu option, long press hold on a favorite location for more actions.
• Customizable color themes.
• Choice between metric or imperial units, and either a 12-hour or 24-hour time display.
Start accessing the most accurate and current weather information available from anywhere and at anytime on your Android phone. Download AccuWeather for Android today at no cost.

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Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free cho điện thoại Nokia

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Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free cho điện thoại Sony

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Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free cho điện thoại SonyEricsson

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Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free cho điện thoại Motorola

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Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free cho điện thoại LG

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Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free cho điện thoại HTC

  • 2125, 3100, 6277, 7 Mazaa, 8900B, 8500, 7 Mozart, A510a, 9292, A6380, A510b, x515a, A6366, ADR6350VW, Cleo, 6175, APA7373KT, Desire HD SoftBank, A3333, 8900A, 8282, A3335, 9090, A7275, 7 Pro, ADR6410, ADR6285, APA9292KT, Prophet, 6850, 6900, 9000, 9500, A310E, A510c, A810e, A8183, A9192, ADR6225, ADR6230, ADR6300, ADR6325, ADR6330VW, ADR6350, ADR6400L, ADR6425, APC715CKT, Ace, AdR6275US, Advantage, Amaze 4G, Ameo, Apache, Aria, Aria S31HT, Arrive, Artemis, Athena, Atlas, Bahamas, Beat, Bee, Blackstone, Bliss, Blue Angel, Bravo, Breeze, Bresson, Bunyip, Buzz, C11e, Canary, Cavalier, ChaCha, Charmer, Click, Cruiser, Dash 3G, Desire, Desire A8181, Desire ADR6200, Desire C, Desire HD, Desire II, Desire S, Desire S S510e, Desire VT, Desire VT T328t, Desire X06HT SoftBank, Desire Z, DoCoMo, DoCoMo 03A, Doubleshot, Dream, Droid Eris, Droid Incredible, Droid Incredible 2, Droid Incredible 3, Droid Incredible 4G, Droid Incredible HD, EVO 3D, EVO 3D GSM, EVO View 4G, EVO WiMAX, EVO WiMAX ISW11HT, Edge, Elf, Endeavor, Espresso, Eternity, Evita, Evo, Evo 4G, Evo 4G LTE, Evo Design 4G, Evo One, Evo Shift, Evo V 4G, Explorer, FOMA HT1100, FOREseer, FUZE, Faraday, Fiesta, Fireball, Flyer, Flyer P510E, Flyer P512, Freestyle, G-Infinity, G2, Gemini, Gene, Glacier, Glamor, Golf, Gratia, HD Mini, HD Mini T5555, HD2, HD7, HD7S, HT-03A, Harrier, Herald, Hermes, Hero, Hero 200, Hero S, Hero2, Himalaya, Holiday, Hurricane, IM-A710K, ISW11HT, Ignite, Imagio, Incredible, Incredible HD, Incredible S, Inspire, Inspire 3D, Inspire 4G, Inspire HD, J, Jade, Jel, Jet, Jetstream, Juno, Kaiser, Kingdom, Knight, Lancaster, Lead, Legend, Legend A6363, Leo, Lexikon, Liberty, Libra, Love, MDA Compact, MDA Vario II, MDA Vario III, MDA Vario V, MTeoR, MWP6885, Magic, Magician, Mail, Marvel, Max 4G, Mazaa, Mega, Mercury, Merge, Mogul, Mondrian, Mozart, Neon, Nexus One, Nike, Nippon, Omega, One S, One V, One X, One X AT, One X S720e, One XL, One XT S720t, Opal 100, Oxygen, Ozone, P3050, P3300, P3301, P3350, P3350 Love, P3400, P3400 Gene, P3400i (Gene), P3450, P3451, P3452, P3470, P3490, P3600, P3600 Trinity, P3650, P3651, P3700, P3701, P3702, P4000 Titan, P4300, P4350, P4351, P4500, P4550, P4600, P5310BM, P5520, P5530, Neon, P5800, P6300, P6500, P6800, P715a, PB99400, PC36100, PC93100, PD67100, PG06100, PG41200, PG76110, PG762, PG86100, PG863, PH06130, PH39100, PH44100, PI86100, PJ83100, PPC6800, PPC6850BM, PPC6850SP, Panache, Panda, Paradise, Passion, Pharos, Phoebus, Pico, Polaris, Prime, Primo, Prodigy, Puccini, Pure, Pyramid, Quartz, Quattro, Radar, Radar 4G, Raider, Raider 4G LTE, Raider X710e, Raphael, Rezound, Rhodium 100, Rhyme, Rider, Rogers, Rose, Ruby, Runnymede, S310, S310 Oxygen, S31HT, S410, S411, S510, S510e, S511, S521, S522, S620 Excalibur, S621, S630, S6356, S640, S710, S710 Vox, S710e, S720, S730, S740, S743, ST21, ST7377, Saga, Salsa, Sapphire 100, Sedna, P6500, Sensation, Sensation 4G, Sensation Special Edition 2, Sensation XE, Sensation XL, Sensation XL X315, Shift, Shooter, Shubert, Smart F3188, Snap, Snap CDMA, Snap S523, Spark, StarTrek, Status, Supersonic, Supreme, Surround, T2223, T320e, T3232, T328w, T4242, T5353, T5360, T7380, T7575, T7576, T8282, T8285, T8290, T8585, T8788, T9292, T9295, T9296, Tattoo, Tera, ThunderBolt 2, Thunderbolt, Tide, Tilt, Tilt 2, Titan, Titan 4G, Titan II, Tornado, Touch, Touch 3G, Touch 3G T3232, Touch 3G US, Touch 6900, Touch Cruise, Touch Diamond, Touch Diamond 100, Touch Diamond 2, Touch Dual, Touch HD T8285, Touch Pro, Touch Pro2 T7373, Touch Viva, Touch2, Trinity, TyTN, TyTN II, Typhoon, Universal, V7505, VPA Touch, VT T328t, Velocity 4G, Velocity Telstra, Victor, Vigor, Ville, Vision, Vivid, Vivida, Vivo, Vodafone s710, Vogu100 P3050, Volans, Vox, Voyager, Wallaby, Wave, Wildfire, Wildfire C, Wildfire S, Wind, Wizard, Wizard 110, Wizard 200, X01HT, X02HT, X06HT, X310e, X325A, X515c, X515e, X710a, X720d, X7500, X7500 Advantage, X7510, X7510 Advantage, XDA Diamond 2, XV6975, Xda II Mini, Xda IIs, Z710a, x315e, P5500,

Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free cho điện thoại Huawei

  • Activa 4G, Activa, A9188, Ascend D quad XL, 8100-9, Ascend C8812, Ascend, C5100, Ascend D quad, Ascend G312 qwerty, T-Mobile Move Balance, Ascend G305T, Ascend D1, Ascend G312, Ascend G300, Ascend P1 S, G7010, Ascend II, G2200, Ascend X, T209, Ascend D1 quad, Jengu, Ascend Y100, C5110, Ascend P1, Astro, Ascend Y200, Boulder, Buddy, C8650, BM-SWU300, C5330, Comet, C5589, U5900, G3500, C5600, U1300, C5005, C5320, C5588, C6100, C7100, C7500, C8000, C8100, C8500, C8600, C8810, C8812, CHT8000, Deuce, Duplex, Evolution, Express, G3610, G5500, G5730, G6003, G6005, G6600, G6608, G6610V, G6620, G7002, G7007, G7210, GM T3, Gaga, Glory, H11HW, Honor, HuaShan, IDEOS X6, Ideos, Ideos S7, Ideos X1, Ideos X3, Ideos x5, JATULC2, M228, M318, M328, M615, M635, M650, M660, M735, M750, M835, M860, M865, M866, M886, M920, MD-302, MediaPad, MediaPad 10, MediaPad 10 Wifi S10-101w, MediaPad 7, Mediapad 10 FHD, Mercury, MomoDesign MD-302, Pillar, Pinnacle, Pulse, S7-103, S7-301c, S7-302u, Sonic, Sonic Plus, T7200, T8100, T8300, T8301, T8828, Tianxi, Titan U8820, U1005, U1107, U120, U1205, U121, U1211, U1215, U1250, U1280, U1305, U1307, U1310, U1315, U2800, U2805, U3100, U3200s, U3300, U3307, U3311, U3315, U526, U528, U550, U5700, U5705, U6100, U626, U7200, U7315, U7510, U7515, U7517, U7519, U7520, U7525, U7527, U8100, U8110, U8120, U8150, U8180, U8185, U8220, U8230, U8300, U8350, U8500, U8510, U8520, U8600, U8650, U8651, U8652, U8655, U8661, U8730, U8800, U8800 Pro, U8815, U8818, U8820, U8850, U8860, U8860-51, U9000, U9100, U9130, U9200, UM840, V1240, V715, V720, V725, V736, V8302, V835, VF858, Vision, Vodafone 710, Vodafone 715, Vodafone 716, Vodafone 720, Vodafone 725, Vodafone 810, Vodafone 830, Vodafone 830i, Vodafone 840, Vodafone 845, Vodafone 858, u8160, u8661 +, v716, v810, U3310

Ứng dụng AccuWeather for Android cho Android free theo màn hình

  • 128x92, 800x600, 128x160, 176x220, 1024x600, 1280x800, 480x800, 720x1280, 240x400, 240x320, 320x240, 320x480, 800x1280, 1920x1200, 90x40, 480x1024, 480x640, 800x480, 600x1024, 1024x768, 102x80, 128x128, 96x64, 64x96, 64x94, 112x64, 65x101, 80x101, 160x128, 80x102, 96x49, 96x65, 220x176, 100x150, 76x96, 96x76, 64x98, 320x400, 600x800, 100x120, 120x120, 176x120, 2048x1536, 640x960, 854x480, 400x800, 540x960, 96x128, 128x96, 128x120, 120x160, 98x64, 128x109, 208x320, 132x176, 128x220, 28x160, 640x480, 768x1024, 120x128, 240x160, 360x640, 640x360, 160x198, 240x270, 96x120, 132x142, 120x132, 132x160, 176x240, 96x72, 96x320, 480x864, 480x854, 120x96, 480x960, 240x432, 96x78, 176x182, 96x113, 132x156, 132x144, 112x84, 132x136, 96x268, 220x232, 120x126, 128x176, 160x120, 240x352, 128x40, 96x96, 1280x768, 240x427, 120x130, 108x82, 176x198, 120x145, 132x158, 118x128, 118x114, 126x130, 345x240, 176x180, 240x345, 240x269, 480x690, 95x76, 240x235, 174x132, 96x91, 176x164, 96x95, 120x115, 96x266, 96x252, 120x72, 176x144, 128x132, 64x128, 128x64, 640x240, 101x54, 101x67, 101x65, 33x101, 101x40, 72x26, 480x320, 360x120, 101x33, 101x80, 176x229, 272x480, 685x480, 90x90, 240x220, 176x100, 120x100, 176x160, 176x208, 240x240, 120x168, 176x186, 128x171, 345x800, 300x100, 128x140, 128x100, 162x216, 160x256, 120x40, 216x176, 800x240, 256x384, 95x65, 84x48, 1024x800, 176x200, 160x160, 320x320, 125x96, 128x143, 112x112, 240x300, 160x100, 240x260, 360x480, 240x480, 40x90, 144x176, 132x128, 240x292, 132x163, 144x156, 132x147, 90x60, 130x130, 320x160, 126x160, 320x448, 96x48, 480x360, 230x240, 144x262, 120x162, 144x135, 232x323, 960x480, 240x435, 104x80, 126x132, 140x80, 80x120, 240x378, 120x80, 128x95, 48x96, 120x133, 400x240, 480x840, 768x1280, 128x127, 176x92, 128x90, 256x320, 178x92, 176x187, 128x98, 120x64, 92x128, 96x32, 128x1280, 24x320, 120x143, 172x162, 384x288, 160x240, 176x128, 100x128, 340x480, 230x310, 123x69, 96x40, 126x64, 96x54, 352x288, 176x40, 178x120, 240x224, 101x111, 119x64, 111x100, 240x255, 176x176, 132x162, 96x68, 96x98, 98x68, 90x65, 208x208, 220x320, 60x96, 65x96, 128x65, 96x44, 104x208, 640x320, 83x47, 640x200, 352x416, 800x352, 128x80, 324x352, 360x400, 132x65, 1600x1200, 193x196, 128x121, 101x64, 480x240, 110x96, 176x192, 97x32, 1600x900, 128x112, 97x56, 176x183, 112x128, 96x92, 240x120, 128x104, 340x320, 120x144, 94x64, 220x220, 400x427, 144x120, 400x840, 64x112, 432x240, 480x272, 176x320, 960x544, 1024x480, 120x117, 116x122, 120x110, 160x180, 96x89, 120x112, 96x84, 96x104, 240x261, 96x90, 144x136, 222x261, 144x144, 144x140, 240x265, 1280x960, 240x440, 94x65, 240x428, 176x178, 96x24, 90x50, 162x178, 115x64, 208x176, 128x144, 128x97, 162x176, 128x145, 262x144, 320x348, 110x72, 128x83, 98x67, 128x146, 176x185, 132x126, 128x131, 128x256, 160x40, 96x39, 177x223, 240x302, 116x181